Gravimetric Analysis

The solvent used for cleaning is filtered via a technical filter with defined pore size specified in the testing procedure. Before the mass of the filter membrane is determined, the filter has to be dried in an oven to remove moisture.The gravimetric residue quantity of residual particles is determined by differential weighing.

The pore size of the filter membrane is selected according to the component requirements. Highly  performance-critical components - e.g. Automotive components - are subject to more strict regulations with regard to acceptable particlar contaminations. Filters with pore sizes from 0.45 µm up to 100 µm of different materials are vailable for your cleanliness inspection at RIO Cleanalytic Services.

Components with a high degree of contamination may occupy the filter in such a manner that the determination of particle sizes and particle size distribution is impossible. In such cases, certain factory standards specify the usage of filter cascade -  meaning a sequence of two or more filters with deviating pore sizes. Therewth, particles can be presorted simplfying the particle analysis.