Testing Procedure

The testing procedure according to VDA standard is subdevided into:

  1. Cleaning Curve
  2. Extraction
  3. Filtration
  4. Gravimetric Analysis
  5. Microscopic Analysis
  6. Particle Analysis
  7. Inspection Document


Calibration of the clenaliness inspection equipment is necessary to ensure reliable and reproducable data. Thus, a so called cleaning curve or extraction curve is generated.

The extraction process serves as a first sample preparation step. The contaminating particles are detached from the surface of the component.

Filtration is executed during the entire extraction procedure with a particle filter

The membrane of the filter is dried subsequently  in an oven, cooled down to roomtemperature inside of a desiccator and finally analysed gravimetrically and microscopically.

Particle analysis can be extended for instance by energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX), to determine the nature or composition of certain particles.

The results are summarized in a detailed inspection document.