RIO GmbH posses expertise in the field of technical cleanliness and cleanliness inspection. This expert knowledge is summarized extensively.
Either if you are confronted for the first time with the field of technical cleanliness or you just want to look up and clearify certain vocubulary - We would like to help you!


In our Glossary there are all kind of common technical terms listed in alphabetical order. Here you can find besides all definitions further information about technical cleanliness.

Technical Disturbance Variables

Despite of conscientious and diligent operation the results of cleanliness inspections may vary due to systematic and statistic factors - the so called technical disturbance variables. These variables are described in a detailed manner and the minimization of the effect on the test result is discussed.

Testing Environment

To ensure representative and reliable test results, the loss of particles during the individual steps of the cleanliness inspection as well as the input of external particles from the environment has to be minimized. Hence, Cleanalytic Services and RIO GmbH operate in a clean room with definded number of particles per air volume achieved via controlled ventillation duct. Therewith, a convinient Testing Environment is enabled.

RIO Calibration Standard

Within the scope of the conveyor project ZIM EP13 1107 RIO GmbH aspired the development of a gravimetric calibration standard for the inspection of effectivity of cleanliness inspections.

In order to imitate particular contaminations in the most realistic fashion three different particle standards of RIO GmbH are available:

  1. Aluminium Calibration Standard (hydrophobic matrix)
  2. Stainless Steel Calibration Standard (hydrophobic matrix)
  3. Polymer Calibration Standard (hydrophilic matrix)

Usage of one of RIO's calibration standards offers you the benefits:

  • Gravimetric inspection of effectivity of cleanliness inspections
  • Realistic cleaning process via application on real components and realistic surfaces with arbitrary geometry
  • Elimination of sources of errors for quality management
  • Calibration of your own cleanliness inspection

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